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Weddings and Honeymoon

A perfect wedding is a blend of many ingredients. For such a beautiful occasion, one needs to find the perfect location. Sri Lanka, a tiny beautiful island surrounded by the massive Indian Ocean offers more than any couple could simply wish for. The wide ranges of exotic landscapes and the magnificent coastal areas are only a few instances of the splendors the island has to offer. Detroves has a number of bespoke wedding packages, tailor made for you whether you are looking for a grand event with all your family and friends or a simple, quiet and beautiful wedding with a very few people. We understand the importance and the impact of this celebration on the rest of your life and that is why we want to make a lasting impression that lingers in your memory. We make sure that all our services provided to you are of the finest quality and we offer our services in organizing the event, hotel bookings and Transport delivered with the highest professional standards. Do not hesitate to direct all your inquiries to our agents who are ready to contact you personally and discuss the matters with you. Your dreams are our ambitions and our commands.

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