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Wild Life

Sri Lanka offers a veritable feast for nature lovers. In addition to wildlife such as elephants, leopards, and bears, Sri Lanka is also home to a number of endemic birds, butterflies, and even bats. But that s not all! Sri Lanka also features stunning botanical gardens as well as the Sinharaja virgin rainforest which has even been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

If you love serious wildlife, Sri Lanka offers plenty of options. Take a safari or nature trek to see elephants, leopard, deer, and sambhur roaming freely in sanctuaries and nature parks such as Yala, Minneriya, Bundala, and Wasgamuwa.

You can even visit a bird sanctuary. Sri Lanka is home to many endemic bird species and is considered to be a haven for migratory birds that flock to the island during the northern hemisphere's winter. There are bird sanctuaries in Wirawila, Kumana, Wilpattu, and Kalametiya as well as the Attidiya-Bellanwila Bird Sanctuary located on the outskirts of Colombo. At Sepala Wewa, bird watchers can stay in a typical native village and enjoy Sri Lankan village life firsthand as well as experiencing the thrill of sighting native and migratory birds.

Samanala Kanda (Butterfly Mountain) or Adams Peak is home to rare species belonging to the Dipterocarpace family that have not been found elsewhere at such a high altitude.

Sri Lanka even offers bat lovers a special treat! The historic Vavulpane caves, which lie in a secluded area of the Ratnapura district, is home to approximately 25 species of bats.

And those who revel in the beauty of exotic flora should not miss a visit to Sri Lanka's exotic and stunningly landscaped botanical gardens such as the Peradeniya Gardens and Hakgala Gardens.

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