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Endemic Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, for such a small island, takes pride in its very high biodiversity which has leaded it to be considered one of the top biodiversity hotspots in the world. With well over thousand species of mammals, birds and wild fauna endemic to the country, scores of tourists come down yearly to this tiny island to witness and indulge in its unique wonders.

However, biodiversity is not the only endemicity found in Sri Lanka. The deep rooted, unique culture of Sri Lanka has a lot of unparalleled experiences for its tourists. To traverse the tropical paths on a majestic elephant, to see the sun drowning in the distant ocean through the evening breeze on a simple fisherman’s boat, to view the green paddy fields stretching for miles and miles across the highlands, now those are only a few of the experiences unique to this wondrous island.

Sri Lanka is also a land of mystery. The well preserved ancient ruins with evidence of amazing ancient technology and the massive stone fortresses still standing strong highlight the unique history of Sri Lanka. There are also gems and Jewellery of unique beauty that leaves marked impressions on many of the travellers. To find out more about the unique places you could visit in Sri Lanka and to find out what exciting experiences await you here, we warmly welcome you to navigate through the rest of this website.

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