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Money Exchange Places inside the country:

Please consult your chauffer on currency exchange centers which gives you a better benefit on conversation. Avoid changing currency at hotels or unauthorized centers as you may not receive the best conversation rate.

Dress codes at certain sites:

At Certain religious and cultural establishments you will require to wear clothing appropriate to requirement. Clothing generally should not be above knee length and sleeveless. Pls consult your chauffer for more information depending on the place of visit. 


Porters, hotel bell boys etc. – It is generally the norm to tip porters, bell buys, waiters etc. (Not compulsory). The amount to be tipped is solely up to you. For further info you can consult your chauffer. 

Require clothing’s for different locations:

Since Sri Lanka is a small island, during your travel you will experience many climate changes from hot, moderate to cold weather. If you are visiting the hill country such as Nuwara Eliya you may require warm clothes as temperatures drops below 10 degrees at nights.  In general you will experience warm weather in most locations.


Ensure food is consumed at clean and recommended restaurants. – Hygiene is an important factor; therefore please consult your chauffer regarding recommended restaurants for eating out whilst on tour. It is recommended to eat out at tourist board approved establishments.

Emergency contact details

Accident Service (National Hospital) 

2691111 (544)

Fire rigade


Police Emergency service 

2433333 / 119

Flight Details - Airport Katunayaka


National Blood Transfusion Service

2369931 – 493

Detroves Travels (24 Hours)


Detroves Travels (Week Days 8.30 – 5.00 Hours)


Shopping places in Colombo Area

ODEL Colombo

Crescat shopping Centre
Crescat Shopping Center

House of Fashion

Majestic City Shopping Mall
Majestic City Shopping Mall



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