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Sri Lanka is a land like no other with its incomparable beauty and a magnifice. Known as the lustrous pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is only a small beautiful island right below the massive Indian subcontinent. It was in the twelfth century when the great explorer Marco Polo crossed Sri Lanka while on his long expedition wrote in his journal that Sri Lanka is indeed the finest island in the whole wide world.

The compact island, only 65,610 sq Km in area offers an unparalleled tourism experience. While it is easy for the tourists to travel the width and the breadth of this small island dense with numerous delicacies, it is considered one of the most authentic travel destination in the world with incomparable diversity of the tourism product.

Sri lanka has proudly remained a major tourist attraction for centuries particularly attracting the tourists from the European countries.

Touring Sri Lanka would be an enticing experience with richly diverse sights and sensations all captured within such a tiny tropical world. The golden beaches, the enchanting ruins, finest resorts and hotels, colourful festivals and dense wildlife are among the heart-throbbing enchantments that would capture a tourer’s heart.

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